´╗┐Uber reckons with Snapchat blend with filters & friend locators The ride-hailing organization is making attempts to provide better service to its customers. It is trying to find out the mediums through which they can be able to provide the service in a better way. They have been providing a great service, with its wonderful zoplay interface on its app. Now, they have made an initiative to introduce the filters and friend locators of Snapchat into its own system. They have made changes in the app, with adding the elements of Snapchat to it. Now we do not need to mention the details location where we are traveling to. If we are planning to meet up with our friends at their place, all we need to do is just enter our friend’s name. The app would retrieve the details from the contact and make it as a destination. Uber blend with the Snapchat will allow the users to enable the filters of the chat will they are on a ride in the cab. If we are active users of both the apps Uber and Snapchat and there is a particular pop up card is available, which is the Snapchat pop up. The particular user needs to decide on which kind of filter they would like to apply to the snap. Once they have taken the snap, they need to swipe the screen to the right which will lead to Uber options. Once we have selected the friend from the contact list, a particular request will be sent to the respective person. Once they accept the request, Zuket Uber will be ready to take us to our mentioned destination, which would our friend's place. This particular approach will help us to save a lot of time; we don’t need to guide our friends over the call. All they need to do just accept the request which has been sent by the user and off we can go for the ride. We have been in situations where it becomes hard for us to direct our friends to a particular location where there is gathering. This new kind of approach from Uber and Snapchat is really good one, it is helping millions. There another interesting thing which Uber provides to its users and the friends on Snapchat. Once our friend has accepted the request for the destination sharing and we are on the ride. Our friend will receive a message from Uber stating how long will take for us to reach them, in simple words it is the estimated time of arrival. Our friends will be sure of the fact that how long will it take for us to reach their place. Apart from sharing the location, we can share snaps with our friends who are waiting for our arrivals. We can entertain ourselves while we traveling with Uber by having fun and don’t need to think on how to wheel away the time until we reach the destination. If the particular use has the Snapchat they can send the snaps after applying the filters to it. Uber is making an effort to make sure that the rider is having a great time riding with them. It is one of the main reasons why the organization is collaborating with the big tech companies to provide an even better service to its customers. There are a few questions raised regarding the merger which the company is making with the other companies, how helpful is it actually going to be? A few changes have happened recently and one of the changes is the way we can track the customer location. There is no requirement for the customer to stay on the app, to track the location. In the background, there is a tracking available where the location can be tracked down. So, there is no requirement for the app to be able to access the location only when the app gets opened to get a ride through Uber. In the past, the users were able to share the information about their trip to their contact by syncing it. Even they were they were able to send invitations to their friends requesting them to try the ride-hailing app as well. Once the particular trip to the destination of our friends is reached, the server will stop tracking the location. The officials have made a clear statement that the app will not share any kind of personal information of the user. Snapchat personal information will not be accessible by Uber and it will not be shared as well. When we want to go to a place where our friend, all they need to do is share their location. The app will retrieve the details of the location of the respective person and the personal information is shared in given any situation. Filters are available in the app, so Snapchat will have the prompts for the estimated time of arrival and the share for the location from their friend as a request. The filters will enable to keep the personal information safe and secure without any breach from external sources. On the flip side, Snapchat makes it clear that the app will provide the location, instead of fetching it through Uber. The user should give an access to the app to get the information of the location through the app, only then it is actually possible. Uber wants to provide the service to its customers in a more customized manner. It wants the riders to feel at ease when they are using Uber and traveling with it. Snapchat feature is available in the Uber Feed, once the ride has started from the starting location. There are different options available for the user to use in the app, which is the ETA and Ride. Eta will provide us the details of the time when will reach the destination. The ride will have the information regarding the ride which we have taken with Uber. When we unlock the particular filter on the app, it will redirect us to the Snapchat app and we can share our snaps with our friends, intimating them that we are on the way to their place. Now, we can save time, by not switching between apps, instead, we can stay on one and still use both the apps simultaneously. There is no need to close one app, so as to be able to open the other app. This is a one-stop solution for the people, who keep switching between apps and over a period of time lose their patience as well. It is a tendency that, we people keep accessing our phone now and then to check the updates on different apps which we use. The Uber Feed which is available on the Uber app has different options to switch to another app. In recent times, the company has been making attempts to make mergers with other bug tech companies as well. It is making an effort to make Uber as a one stop solution for all the needs. They want to integrate all the apps into one so that people do not need to wait for another app to open up. We can expect that in the near future, Uber will be joining hands with other tech companies, to make its service bigger and better for the future generations.